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How To Set Up Passcode On An iPhone(Ultimate Guide 2023)

In this article, I will be showing you how you can set up a Passcode on your Apple iPhone device. With smartphones being a must-have device in this day and age, security has also improved, since we have very important information, like electronic money stored in the machines. If anyone could gain access to your mobile device, they would get to know and steal a lot from you.

Because of this, Smartphone providers are always in the race to keep their Mobile devices safer each day. Some of the security measures include entry codes, Face ID and fingerprints. Apple has not been left behind in this race, and its most popular device, the iPhone, is considered to be one of the most secure devices in the Smartphone industry.

In this article, you will learn how to set up these security, measures for your iPhone device so that you can be sure that your files and personal information are safe;

How To Setup Passcode on iPhone/How To Change It on iPhone

A password(Another name) is a combination of numbers that only you know, that if correct, can open and unlock your iPhone. This ensures that your information is only accessible to you. When you activate the entry code on your iPhone device, there are certain situations you will need to enter your password to access your device. You will need to enter your iPhone secret code;

  1. After you have restarted or turned on your iPhone.
  2. When you activate your device’s remote lock feature.
  3. After you have tried and failed to unlock your device 5 times using Face ID or Touch ID.
  4. If in the last 4 hours, have not unlocked your iPhone using your iPhone Face ID or Touch ID
  5. If you have not unlocked your Apple iPhone using your Passcode in the last 6.5 days.
  6. If an attempt to see your Medical ID or use Emergency SOS has been initiated.

Sim card slot on an iPhone

How To Setup Passcode On iPhone.

To set up a password for your iPhone;

  1. Open your iPhone setting menu.
  2. For an iPhone with Face ID support, go to Face ID and Passcode. However, if your iPhone has a Home Button, go to Touch ID and Passcode.
  3. Tap on Turn On Passcode, and then enter your desired Password (Alphanumeric characters are recommended for utmost security strength).
  4. Confirm by entering the entry code again.
  5. Done.

Make sure you memorise this entry code to avoid problems later on when you want to unlock your iPhone.

How To Change Passcode On iPhone

If you have doubts as to whether the password you had earlier created is secure enough, and you would like to change your iPhone password;

  1. Open your iPhone menu and go to settings.
  2. For an iPhone with Face ID support, go to Face ID and Passcode. However, if your iPhone has a Home Button, go to Touch ID and Password.
  3. Tap on the Change Passcode option.
  4. Enter your old entry code, then the new entry code you want.
  5. Done.

How To Turn Off iPhone Passcode

In case you do not want to use an entry code for your iPhone smartphone, you can always turn it off by going to settings> Face ID and Passcode(or Touch ID and Passcode) > Tap Turn off to turn it off.

Bonus Tips For A Secure iPhone Code

iPhone gives its users extra options to make the passcode as safe as it can be. These extra options include;

  1. Changing the time your device takes to automatically lock itself. By default, your iPhone will automatically lock itself after 2 mins. You can always change it in case you need this time to be longer. To change the iPhone automatic lock time, go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Autolock, and change it to your desired duration.
  2. You could turn on Erase Data so that your iPhone will erase all your files and data when someone tries to unlock your iPhone and fails. But please note that erasing the device will mean that you will lose all your files, which will be inconvenient especially if you don’t have any backup. To turn this on, go to Settings> Face ID and Passcode(Depending on model) >Turn on erase data option(Button of page).

How To Reset iPhone Passcode When You Forget It

Try and set a passcode you know you can easily remember, but in case you do forget, you can always reset your iPhone entry code. Your device will lock you out after 6 failed attempts and you will receive a notification alerting you that your iPhone device is disabled. You will then either need to use a computer to reset and erase your device, or change your passcode using recovery mode.

Read more about reseting your iPhone Passcode here


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