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How To Open iPhone SIM Card – Unlock the Power of Your iPhone in 2024

In today’s article, I will show you how to open an iPhone SIM card. This article applies to situations where you have a sim ejector tool, or you lost it.


In 2023, phones have really changed regarding performance and design. Compared to 10 years ago, today’s phone designs are more sleek and beautiful. In the past, we used to replace or input a Sim card only by removing the sim cards, which was a real bummer because this means that for the few minutes, you are doing this, you will have to be offline.

How to open iphone sim card tray - Sim card slot on an iPhone

In 2023, this has changed in most recent sim cards, like the Samsung A23, where changing the sim card is really easy. All you have to do is remove the SIM card tray and put in your SIM card and push the sim card ejector back in. To do this, you only need a sim card ejector tool to help you open your iPhone Simcard.

Simcard ejectors come with the phone when purchased, among other products, like the phone’s charger, warranty, and user manual, among other products depending on the phone and company. In this article, I want to show you the technique you will use to open an iPhone sim card.

Brand new iPhone still in its packaging box, which has an ejector pin to open iphone sim Card

How To Open iPhone SIM card Easily

How To Open iPhone Simcard Using SIM card Ejector Tool

You can find your sim ejector tool in the box of your brand-new iPhone. It is small, mostly metallic, and usually attached to a piece of paper, so be careful not to dispose of it thinking it is just a piece of paper. To open your iPhone Simcard slot, do the following:

  • Locate the Sim card ejector hole. You can find it on the sides of your iPhone, or on older iPhones, on the edge. Try not to confuse it with your mic hole, which is usually thinner in size.
  • Put your Sim ejector Pin into the hole and give it a slight push. This will eject the tray giving you access to the sim cards slot.
  • Now you can either put your sim card in or remove it if you want.
  • After you are done inserting or removing your sim card, slide it back in carefully.

Note: if you have a phone cover on your iPhone, you will have to remove it first to make this part accessible to you.

How To Open iPhone Sim card Without A Simcard Ejector Tool

If you lost your Simcard ejector pin, or maybe this is not a new iPhone, don’t worry, I will show you some ways on how you can improvise and use some other tool to open your iPhone Simcard slot. To do this, use one of the following things, depending on which is easily accessible to you:

An Office Paperclip

Paper clips are the best alternative to the Simcard ejector tool. Paper clips can be bought at your nearest supermarket or bookstore at a cheap price. The thinner the paperclip, the better, but it also has to be strong enough.

A paperclip that can be used to open iPhone sim card slot

Make sure you unwind the paper clip so that it is straight enough to fit into the hole. Do not force it in to prevent it from twisting.

 A thin straight wire.

If you have a piece of wire around, you can use it to eject your sim card slot on your iPhone. Make sure that it is not sharp because it might temper with the ejector mechanism. If it has any sharp edges, use a file to flatten it up, or use a pair of pliers to cut out the sharp edge.

A thin piece of wood

You can carve out a piece of wood and use it to eject your sim card slot. An alternative is to use a toothpick. The problem with using a toothpick is that they are very thick, so shape it up using a razor blade.

toothpick can be used as an iPhone sim card ejector tool

Note: Using a razor blade or any other sharp instrument comes with the risk of injuring yourself. Therefore, you should exercise caution when using these instruments and store them in areas that can guarantee the safety of you and the people around you.

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