3 Negative Side Effects Of Mara Moja Painkiller 2024

Welcome to Medical Advice Channel, on today’s article, I will show you the side effects of Mara Moja you should be aware of. Mara Moja is a very common painkiller that can be found in any Kenyan shop or pharmacy. It is a drug used to treat headaches, and back pain or reduce fever, amongst other uses. MaraMoja tablets contain Aspirin, caffeine and Paracetamol.

In this article today, I will reveal 10 side effects of Mara Moja Pain killer that you should consider before taking Mara Moja tablets.

To check out a more detailed review of Mara Moja Tablets, their uses and other important information, click here to check out my Mara Moja article. In that article, I talk about important information and answer important questions you guys have been having, such as Is Mara Moja safe for use in pregnancy? be sure to check it out.

Side effects of mara moja

Also, subscribe to our newsletter, to be the first to be notified of an article on all things Health and Tech. Here are 5 side effects of Mara Moja, that you should know about when taking the drug;

Side Effects Of Mara Moja

Nausea and Vomiting

Mara Moja, and any other drug that is taken orally, has a chance of irritating the stomach Mucosa. This irritation is the one responsible for the feeling of nausea, and sometimes vomiting.

Don’t be scared, this is usually rare, or might not last for long. If you experience excessive vomiting, you should stop the drug, and consult a physician who could prescribe an alternative painkiller that could work well for you.

Reyes Syndrome

I know this is a fancy word. Reyes syndrome is a disorder that presents itself in children after taking aspirin. Not all children who take aspirin will present with the condition, but they are at risk of developing it. It manifests itself in signs and symptoms like vomiting and confusion or seizures. The disorder affects the brain and the liver causing them to swell.

To be safe, avoid giving your child aspirin, and also remember that it is a key ingredient in Mara Moja Tablet. Each Mara Moja dose contains aspirin. There are better alternatives for children, like Panadol Junior. You could use it.

If your child experiences any of these symptoms, please rush them to the nearest facility.

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I know all of you hate the discomfort that comes with heartburn. It is an unpleasant feeling everyone doesn’t want to experience. To try and reduce this, try to take Mara Moja doses with plenty of water. Also, you could take the Mara Moja tablet at least an hour before a meal to reduce these Mara Moja side effects.

For those who always have heartburn, you could also remember to sleep on a pillow in order to elevate your head position.

Try to also sleep at least an hour after meals. Avoid going to sleep immediately after having a meal.

Remember, if you feel these side effects are overwhelming, stop the drug, and visit your doctor. Your physician will recommend you an alternative drug to avoid these side effects of Mara Moja’s painkiller.

Also, remember that Mara Moja is only used to reduce symptoms such as headaches and fever, and the main cause of the problem should be treated.


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