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How To Set up Your iPhone For The First Time – Ultimate Guide 2023

Do you have a new iPhone, great, let me show you how you can set up your iPhone for the first time with this ultimate simplified article. Having an iPhone has to be every smartphone user’s dream because of its class, its top-notch security features and many other things. Apple has spent billions to make their iPhone devices the ultimate smartphone for every user, and you can see this through the upgrades and features throughout Apple iPhone’s history.

Like any new smartphone, you have to set up your new iPhone before you can use it, and am here to make this process easier for you through this guide. If you enjoy the guide, make sure to subscribe to the blog so that you will be the first to be notified when I upload a new guide every week.

Things you will need To Set Up Your iPhone.

To successfully set up your iPhone device, you will need the following things to make the process smooth without any hitches;

  1. A stable internet connection. This can be through wifi or a cellular network.
  2. Apple ID that we will need to log in to your account. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can create an Apple ID during set-up.
  3. A payment method for Apple Pay. This is either a credit or debit card, and you will only need it when you want to use Apple Pay services.
  4. A backup of the device you want to move your files from. If you were using another iPhone, you will need to have t around or a backup of it so that we can transfer the files to your new iPhone device.
  5. If you are moving from an Android device, have the Android device around so that we can transfer your files to the iPhone.

Pro Tip

Apple will give you free temporary storage to back up your files so that you can use them to make the transition process smooth. This is free for the first three weeks of purchasing your iPhone. Therefore if you are worried about not having enough space to backup your files, Apple has you covered. Just follow the instructions on the screen after going to the Settings menu>General Settings> Transfer or Reset device>Get started

How To Set up Your iPhone.

Now that we have everything we need, we can start setting up our new iPhone. Luckily for us, the iPhone has a very easy setup process that anyone can use to set up their new Apple smartphone.  Use the following steps I have simplified to set up your iPhone device;

Move Your Files and Apps To Your New Phone

After turning on your iPhone device, you can choose to transfer your files from your older iPhone device to your new iPhone. iPhone also gives you the option of transferring your files from Android devices. This is done wirelessly. Just move your two devices close together, and the process will be done. You have an option of moving your files from;

  1. From an iPhone iCloud backup
  2. From another phone
  3. From Mac or Pc
  4. From an Android device, you have.

There is also an option not to do this. You can choose this option if you don’t have, or wish to transfer any files when setting up your iPhone.

set up your iphone -From an iPhone iCloud backup From another phone From Mac or Pc From an Android device, you have.

Set up Your iPhone Cellular Network connection via SIM card, eSim or wifi

If you are using an eSim or a physical SIM card, you will need to ensure it is set by your service provider(eSIM) or install your SIM card on your iPhone. The location of the SIM card depends on your iPhone model, you can click here to read the article I wrote on how to put a SIM card on your iPhone.

To ensure that your network is connected, go to your settings >> then Cellular. You will see the network you are connected to.

In case you don’t have a SIM card or eSIM, you can connect your device to your home or work wifi. To do this;

  • Go to the settings menu on your iPhone device.
  • Turn wifi on and then choose the wifi network you want to connect to.

Sign in With your Apple ID – Set up your iPhone

If you don’t have an Apple ID, you can create one by clicking on the “don’t have an Apple ID?” option. If you have one, sign in with your Apple ID by going to settings, then choose the “Sign in to your iPhone” option.

Signing in to your iPhone device will be useful in accessing Apple services such as iMessage, Facetime, iCloud and Apple Music.

Set up Face ID and Touch ID on iPhone.

You will also need to set up face recognition and fingerprint on your iPhone to make your iPhone device more secure. Setting these up will ensure your device is not accessible to anyone without your permission, therefore making your personal data more secure. Depending on the iPhone model you are using, you can access this by going to settings, face ID or touch/ Touch ID and passcode, then set up Face ID/add a fingerprint.

set up your iphone by setting up face id and touch id

To read a more detailed article on how to set up Face ID and Touch ID, click here to read it.

Turn on Apple iPhone Find My Phone

I would recommend you activate Find My Phone on your iPhone to help you find your Apple iPhone in case you lose your device. After setting this up, you can easily find your iPhone through, then the “Find My” feature. To turn this feature on, go to settings >> Your Name >> Find My then tap on Find My iPhone and you will see the location of your iPhone device.

Backup Your Data On iCloud

I highly recommend backing up your data on iCloud. This ensures that your files are safe in case you lose your device or anything happens to your device. You can turn this feature on by accessing the settings menu >> Your name, then clicking iCloud. After backing up, you can always restore your files to the device anytime you want.

These are the most essential thing you will need to do to set up your iPjhone for the first time when it is still new. If you have any issues when setting your iPhone device, feel free to leave a comment and I will assist you in any way I can.

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