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How To Check Safaricom Airtime Balance 2024

Welcome to today’s article on how to check Safaricom airtime balance. Safaricom is the most popular telecommunication company in Kenya, having more than 15 million users. It has a popular advantage over its rivals because it is one of the oldest telecommunication companies to exist. Its main rivals are Airtel Kenya, Telkom Kenya and the steadily rising Faiba network.

Checking for Safaricom airtime balance can be done in various ways, as I will show you later on in this article. Some of the ways include;

  1. Using USSD code
  2. Using Safaricom app
  3. From the Safaricom self-service portal
  4. Requesting through sending a message to Safaricom.
  5. By dialling the Safaricom customer care number
  6. By using the SIM tool kit

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How To Check Safaricom Airtime Balance Using USSD

Checking Safaricom Balance Using *144#

This is the easiest and most known method is known by many people.

  • Open your phone’s dialer app.
  • Dial *144# using your Safaricom Line.
  • You will receive a prompt with your airtime balance and its expiry date.

Checking Safaricom Balance Using *100#

You can also dial *100#, to check your Safaricom airtime balance.

  • Open your phone’s dialer app.
  • Dial *100# using your Safaricom network line.
  • Select My Account, which is option 4
  • Select option 3, which is balanced
  • You will receive a prompt telling you that your balance will be sent via SMS shortly.
  • You will receive a message showing you your Safaricom Airtime balance and the expiry date.

How To Check Safaricom Airtime Balance Using My Safaricom App

Safaricom introduced the My Safaricom App, which integrates all Safaricom services, making it easier for all of us to get access these services through this application. To download the My Safaricom Application, follow the following steps;

  • Open your smartphone or Apple Play store from your phone’s application menu.
  • Search “My Safaricom App”.
  • Click on Install to have it installed on your phone.

Now that you have the My Safaricom App on your phone;

  • Open your smartphone or Apple menu, and locate it.
  • Open My Safaricom App.
  • Ensure that your Safaricom Lines data is open. Don’t worry, my Safaricom application does not require any data bundles.
  • Click “View My Balances” to view your Safaricom Airtime Balance.
  • You can now see your Safaricom Airtime balance and expiry date.

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How To Check Safaricom Airtime Balance Through Safaricom Sim Tool Kit

To check for your Safaricom credit balance using your Safaricom sim tool kit, do the following;

Get Your Safaricom Airtime Balance Through SMS

You can also get your Safaricom Credit balance by sending a blank SMS to 144. Simple right? You will not only receive a prompt showing your airtime balance but also your Bonga points balance, free WhatsApp balance and data balance.

In case you experience any difficulties using the methods I provided you above, feel free to leave a comment with your question, and I will help you out as soon as possible. Also, remember to subscribe to my blog and stand a chance to be one of the monthly winners of our cool branded T-Shirts.


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