Hiding Your Caller ID: How To Call With A private Number


To call using a private number, Open your phone’s dialer application and dial #31#{recipient’s number}.

In today’s article, I would like to show you simple steps you can use to call with a private number. These steps are easy to follow and do not require the internet or data.

Reasons Why You Would Consider Making A Call With A Private Number

People might have various reasons that are only known to themselves to call a private number. Some of the common reasons or situations I would advice you to use a private number for an outgoing phone call are:

To Prank A Friend.

Good friends prank each other, and by pranking in this article, I mean the good type of pranks. You could call your friend and pretend to be someone else and see their reactions. Doing this with your phone number would be an epic fail, as they will immediately recognise your number.

Calling them privately will guarantee success since they will not be able to use services like True Caller to know who is calling. This could make your surprise or prank special and unforgettable.

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To Be Anonymous.

Here I will give an example. If there is a crime in my area and I would like to report it to the police or media outlets, I would definitely consider calling them using a private number to ensure that my identity is not exposed, potentially exposing me to danger.

How to call with a private number


You might just want to keep your number private when calling others so that your number can not be shared by others for personal and security reasons known only to you. Also, when you receive a call from a private number, you are not able to call back because of this feature

While intentions might be good, you have to agree that there are others who would want to use this to stack others and harass them, or even blackmail them. Note that these are serious crimes that could land you in Jail and ruin your life. If reported, authorities have the technology to sniff you out and prosecute you.

How To Call With A Private Number – Using USSD(Simplest)

To make a call with your phone number hidden from the receiver:

  • Open your phone’s dialer application.
  • Dial #31#{recipient’s number}. for example #31#0712345678 this recipient number being the number of the person you want to call.
  • Then dial the number. Easy right?

a person using a phone

How To Call with a Private Number – Through Call Settings

To call anonymously through Airtel, Safaricom or any other line, you can make the settings through the call settings menu. This method will differ depending on the make of your phone, for example, an Android Phone or an Apple phone. Just to give you a brief guide:

  • Access your phone’s dialer application.
  • Look for your call settings.
  • Select your sim card call settings. For example, if you have dual lines, e.g. Airtel on line 1, select Sim1 call settings.
  • Look for the “Caller ID” settings.
  • Choose the “Hide ID” option to make your call anonymous.

Note: When you change your call settings, your number will always be private until you revert the settings to their original state.

How To Undo the Private Call Settings

To undo the private call setting, do the following:

  • Open your phone’s dialer application.
  • Open your call settings menu.
  • Select the Sim card you want to change the settings for. For example, Sim1 or Sim2.
  • Look for the “Caller ID” setting option.
  • Choose “Set by Network” to revert it to its default state.

If you feel the process of making your calls private and undoing it through the call settings is a hectic process, use the USSD process which is simpler and more convenient for most.


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