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20 Samsung A10s Features You did Not Know About

Hi, welcome to Henittoz Tech, your number on the blog for all things Tech and health. Today I am going to take you through the features of the Samsung A10s Android smartphone. This article can help you know more about the phone if you want to buy it, or maybe if you want to buy it. Let us begin;

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Samsung A10s Display

The best thing about the Samsung A10s phone is probably its display. This phone has a decently large 6.2 inch IPS infinity v display with HD plus resolution in 19 Sr nine aspect ratio display brightness is pretty decent sunlight legibility is good, and colour reproduction is also pretty good.


 The next best thing about this phone is definitely its battery. The Samsung A10s packs a larger photo milliamp-hour battery when compared to the previous iteration, that’s a Samsung Galaxy A10s and battery life has significantly improved next best thing about this phone is its performance.
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Samsung A10s has a MediaTek Helio P 22 processor with Power BI G a three to three GPU with two gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage. These are the antidote engagement scores. Now the processor used in this phone isn’t all that powerful, but for a Samsung phone in this pie segment, I guess it’s kind of okay.

Fingerprint Scanner

Next, this one also has a fingerprint scanner. If you remember the previous Samsung A10 did not come with a fingerprint scanner, while this one does. So that’s definitely a huge improvement. Now the fingerprint scanner on this phone is not fast or super fast, like newer phones, It Works ABS kind of fast and usable.

samsung A10s features

Face Unlock.

Now going on next. This one also has peace and love features. It is past, but not as fast as Opal and we will fonds in good lighting conditions, it works really well, it unlocks the phone in less than a second, but we can still see the lock screen even in low lighting conditions, it works and it is kind of fast like it takes about a second to unlock the phone in complete darkness, it’s more of a hit or a mess, you have to bring your phone close to your face for it to work properly. Overall face unlocks works and it’s definitely much more usable than the in-display fingerprint scanner.
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Samsung A10s Camera Feature

Next, this one also has some pretty good cameras on the rear. This one has a 13-megapixel camera with F 1.8 aperture, and for selfies. It is an eight-megapixel camera with an F 2.0 aperture, cameras are not awesome, they’re not the best in the price segment, but for a Samsung phone. They are pretty good.
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Lockscreen Live Wallpaper 

 Next, we have a lock screen live wallpaper on this phone, we can also set a video as a lock screen while people. You can use any video as a lock screen wallpaper, and if the video duration is too long. You can also edit it before using it for better results, using a high-resolution video.

Live Focus Mode.

Next, we have light focus mode. This is another elegant name for a camera portrait mode on Samsung phones, unlike on other phones, you can actually change the amount of background blur effect you want before taking a picture, very few phones offer this feature. These are some sample shots.
Live Focus For Selfie
Next, we have a life focus for selfies. Now, this is another fancy name by Samsung for portrait selfies. Using this feature, you can take portrait selfies.
What is also really cool is that you can also change the amount of background blur effect you want before taking a picture. These are some sample shots.

Wide Angle Selfie

The front camera on this phone has a wide-angle lens, but by default it crops it, to give you a regular-sized selfie. If you want a much wider selfie, you can get it with just a click of a button.


Using this feature, you can put different kinds of stickers to your face in real-time, and then take pictures with them.
 It’s a pretty cool feature, and the amount of stickers you have depends on the phone you’re using.

Navigation gestures

Next, we have navigation gestures, or as Samsung likes to call it, fullscreen gestures, just enable this feature and the navigation bar is replaced with three lines, you can swipe from the right side, to go back a step, swipe from the centre to go home, swipe from the left side for ease and taps, you can swipe and hold at the Centre for Google Assistant. Personally, I like the implementation of new AI on Xiaomi phones, and Android Q.
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Samsung A10sSplit Screen Mode.

Next, we have the Samsung A10s split screen mode to open any application split screen mode, you need to first open that application, go to the Recent Apps page, click on the app icon and select Open in split screen, then that application will open in a split screen and you can tell it within the application from your recent apps, or you can go to the home screen and select the second application from there you can find this feature on all Android phones, and this is how you can use it on this phone.

Samsung A10s Night mode.

This is one of my favourite features of this phone. Once you enable it, most of the UI elements change colour from light to dark or black, you can just turn it on from the notification toggles, or schedule it to turn on and turn off automatically at a specific time using this mode strange your eyes less inclined saves battery, and definitely looks pretty cool, because of the amla display.

Hiding The Notch.

Now going on next week and even hide that notch now want to enable this feature area beside the note is completely blacked out status bar is moved below, and it perfectly hides the notch. Next, we have easy mute. Once you enable this feature, you can easily mute incoming calls for alarms, by placing your hand on your phone, or by turning your phone piece down.

Samsung A10s’ One-Handed mode.

Next, we have one-handed mode. Now once you enable this feature and swipe from the bottom left or right corner of the screen size will shrink your phone will become much more usable with a single hand. Once you’re in this mode, you can click the arrow button to switch the screen left side or right side and click in an empty area to go fullscreen. If you don’t like the gesture, you can select the second option, and click the home button three times to use the phone in one-handed mode. Next, we have accidental touch prevention, which is just a fancy name from Samsung for pocket mode. Once you enable this feature, it will prevent accidental touches in enclosed spaces like pockets and bags.

Digital Well Being

Next, we have digital well-being. Now, this is actually a feature from Google, so it should be on all Android phones. Now, this feature will record all your activity on your phone, like how long you’re using your phone, which apps you’re using a lot and how many times you have opened that particular application. So this feature gives you all that information and you can see which apps you open frequently, and which apps you’re addicted to. You can also restrict app usage by using this feature.

Wind Down On Samsung A10s

Next, we have wine down. Now, this feature is built into the digital well-being application, but it has its own unique features. Now this feature wind down will help you sleep quickly at night, you can turn it on manually or schedule it to automatically turn on, at a specific time. Once you set it up and it’s turned on, it changes the screen to grayscale, that’s black and white and blocks notifications. It can also turn on Do Not Disturb mode, so you won’t be disturbed by annoying notifications. Next, we have flash notifications. Once you enable this feature, every time you get a notification or a call flashlight blinks, to give you a visual indication. It’s good when you need it, but it can be quite annoying.

Auto call recording 

Next, we have the auto-call recording. Now, this feature allows you to record calls automatically on your phone, whether you get a call, or make a call. You can enable this feature from the phone dialer settings.

Blue light filter 

Next, we have a blue light filter. Now just like the name suggests, once you enable this feature, it puts a warm tint on the screen and filters the blue light, which is supposed to help you sleep better at night. We can also change the intensity of the filter using the slider. We can also schedule it to turn on and turn off automatically at a specific time.
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Changing Font on Samsung A10s

Now going on next we have the option to choose a font for this phone. Usually, most Android phones don’t give you this option, but on this phone, you can change the font, by default, you get three different points, and if you’re not happy with them, you can download more from the Samsung store.

Pulling down Notification Bar using the Fingerprint Gesture

Next, we have fingerprint gestures to pull down the notification bar, want to enable this feature, you can do a swipe-down gesture on the fingerprint scanner to pull down the notification bar. You can swipe it again to pull down the notification toggles and finally you can swipe it up to send it back. This is a really handy feature.

More Samsung A10s Features

Swiping To Send Messages or call.

Now going on next we have swipe to call or send a message, want to enable this feature in the default phone dialer application, you can simply swipe left or right on a contact or a call to make a call or send a message. It’s not a great feature, but a very nice shortcut, that’s available only on Samsung phones.

Samsung A10s Dual Messenger.

Next, we have dual messenger, which is like a dual app for Samsung. Using this feature you can have two Snapchat accounts, two Facebook accounts, or even two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. Now, this feature might seem awesome, but it only works with a few applications.

Dolby Atmos.

This one also has Dolby Atmos sound enhancement, you can enable it by using the toggles, or by going to the sound settings. Once you enable it, you have different sound profiles like auto, movies, music and voice, and depending upon the sound profile you will get different audio experiences.
Right now, this feature is only available if you are using a headset.

Maximum Power Saving Mode. 

This feature was called Ultra Power Saving Mode, and once you enable this feature, it will decrease the screen brightness set the speed limiter restricts background network usage limit the number of apps.
You can also apply a dark theme. doing all these things improves the standby time of your phone.
Now even in this mode, you can still use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile later and use some regular applications like YouTube, Facebook, and even use the camera application.
If you’re on a very long journey just enable this mode, and you can have great battery life.

Lockscreen Stories.

If you want to see something interesting and useful information every time you’ll see the lock screen just enable this feature. Once done, every time you try to unlock the phone by going to the lock screen you will see a different story.
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