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How To Pay For Azam Tv Subsciption Via MPesa Azam Paybill Number

In today’s article, I will explain how you can pay for Azam TV via Mpesa in 2023 using Azam Paybill Number. Azam is growing to be one of the most popular TV recorders in Kenya. This is because of its low prices of as low as 1,500/= for free-to-air. Since the introduction of digital TV, it has been a requirement for all households in Kenya to upgrade their TVs to digital TVs. This was done through the purchase of TV decoders.

Article Summary

Enter  Azam Paybill Number 827190 and click ok to continue. For the account number, enter your Azam decoder’s account number. for example, it might be KE12345678.

How To Pay for Azam Tv via MPesa using Azam Paybill Number

Renew Azam Tv Subscription Using Sim Tool Kit

To renew or pay for your Azam Tv via Mpesa, you can follow the simple steps I have provided below:

  • Open your phone’s app menu, scroll down and open your Sim Tool Kit, where the Mpesa Menu is located.
  • Select Mpesa from the options provided.
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa.
  • You will be requested Azam Paybill number. Enter  Azam Paybill Number 827190 and click ok to continue.
  • For the account number, enter your Azam decoder’s account number. for example, it might be KE12345678.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay. This will depend on your Azam TV subscription fee. Press ok to continue.
  • Enter your MPesa pin to finalize the process.
  • To confirm if the process was successful, wait for the message from MPesa and Azam TV confirming the payment.

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Renew Decoder Subscription Using MPesa App – Azam TV Paybill Number

To use the Azam Paybill number on your MPesa App, follow the following steps;

  • Make sure you have the MPesa app installed on your smartphone. To do this, go to your PlayStore and install it.
  • Open your app menu, and open the MPesa application.
  • Select the MPesa Tab.
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN to proceed.
  • Choose the Paybill tab.
  • Enter the details needed, which will include the Azam Paybill Number, Your Azam Decoder Account number, and the amount you need to pay. Click continue to proceed.
  • Enter your Pin to finish the transaction.
  • Wait for the notification from both MPesa and Azam Tv to confirm the transaction was successful.

After paying for Azam Subscription using Azam MPesa Paybill Number, you will have to switch off your Azam decoder for a few minutes so that the Subscription is renewed. Remember the subscription fee will depend on the Azam Package you want to use. Below is a detailed list of Azam TV Packages and Their Prices:

Azam TV Packages And Prices 2023(Updated)

Azam TV has 3 types of packages available for their users. Each package differed from the other in the number of TV channels available. In simple words, the bigger the package, the higher the number of channels, and the better the entertainment experience you will enjoy. These 3 Packages Azam TV offers to its users include:

Azam Lite(The cheapest Azam TV package)

Azam TV Lite Package is the cheapest among the Azam Decoder packages, going for as low as Ksh. 300/= per month. The Lite package has over 80 plus channels for you to enjoy with your family. To get it, use the steps I have to provide above to pay using the Azam Paybill number via MPesa.

Azam Lite package with over 85 channel

Azam Pure

Azam Pure goes for as low as 600 Kenyan Shillings renewable monthly. The Pure Package comes packed with over 85+ channels for your entertainment, with channels like Nickelodeon, BBC news and Liverpool tv. Use the methods above to pay it using the Paybill number for Azam.

Azam Pure Tv package

Azam Plus

The Plus package comes with 95+ channels and can be subscribed to for as low as Ksh. 750/= per month using your Mpesa number.

Azam Plus Package can berenewed by paying through azam paybill number

Azam Play(The most expensive Azam TV package)

This is the most expensive Azam Tv Package, going for as high as Ksh. 1,400/= paid monthly in Kenya. This top package comes with more than 130 channels for you to watch and keep your days bright. It has channels like CNN, BET, and Fox entertainment, just to name a few.

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