How To Pay For Gotv Using M-Pesa – Gotv MPesa Paybill number 2024

In this article, I will be showing you an easier way of paying for your GoTv using the GoTv Mpesa Paybill number. GoTv is one of the most popular decoders in Kenya. Before Kenya switched to digital Tv, GoTv was still one of the leading brands, after DSTV for those who used decoders. It has cheap packages, although not as cheap as some of its competitors, e.g. StarTimes.


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GoTv MPesa Paybill Number – GoTv Mpesa Paybill Number

To pay for your GoTv subscription, you will use their most current Paybill number, which is 423655. To do this, follow the following simple steps carefully;

  1. Open your phone’s app menu.
  2. scroll until you see your Safaricom toolkit.
  3. Open it and select the “MPesa” option.
  4. After selecting MPesa, select “Lipa an M-Pesa” to proceed.
  5. You will be required to enter the business number. Enter GoTv’s business number 423655.
  6. Next, you will be asked to enter your account number, make sure you enter your correct account number for your decoder(Also known as the IUC number).
  7. Next, enter the amount you would like to pay.
  8. Enter your pin and press ok to finish the transaction.
  9. Done! You will receive a notification from both Safaricom and GoTv confirming the transaction was successful.

How To Get My GoTv’s Decoder Account Number(Decoder IUC Number)?

It is important that you know your GoTv account number in case you want to renew your subscription. If paid to the wrong account number, your GoTv subscription will not be renewed, and you will have to contact GoTv customer care for help. To get your GoTv account number;

Method 1 – Gotv MPesa Paybill number

  1. From your GoTv remote controller, click on the menu to access your GoTv menu.
  2. Scroll on the tabs until you reach your information centre.
  3. You will then see your GoTv IUC number or account number.
  4. Copy this number somewhere and save it for future reference.

Method 2 – GoTv Mpesa Paybill Number

  1. Turn your GoTv decoder upside down.
  2. You will see a red sticker with a number.
  3. This is your GoTv IUC or Decoder account number.
  4. This is the easiest method. If you don’t see the red sticker, then use the other methods provided.

Method 3

This method will involve contacting GoTv customer care for help, you can contact them by clicking here.

Leave them a message and they will get back to you as soon as possible. You could also visit their shop in a town near you.

GoTv Packages 2023 To Pay Using GoTv Paybill Number Via M-Pesa

GoTv has a total of 5 packages you can downgrade or upgrade your current subscription to. Each has a specified number of channels you will be getting. The higher the price of the GoTv package, the higher the number of channels you will get.

Below is a brief of the current GoTv Package you can pay for using the GoTv pay bill number via your MPesa;

Gotv Package Price (Kenya Shillings) Features
Gotv Value Package 550/= Monthly 2 Music channel

2 sports channel

1 Movie channel

29 other genre channels

Gotv Lite Package Monthly – 199/=

Quarterly – 500/=

Annually – 1200/=

1 Music channel

1 sports channel

0 Movie channel

21 other genre channels

Gotv Plus Package 870/= Monthly 3 Music channel

4 sports channel

3 Movie channel

41 other genre channels

Gotv Supa Package 1499/= monthly 4 Music channel

6 sports channel

6 Movie channel

54 other genre channels

Gotv Max Package 1150/= Monthly 4 Music channel

6 sports channel

4 Movie channel

46 other genre channels

Alternative Methods For Paying For Gotv Subscriptions – GoTv Mpesa Paybill Number Alternatives

If you find this process hard to understand, or tiresome and complicated, visit one of the nearest Gotv shops around you and they will renew your Gotv subscription for you.

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