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Sportpesa Paybill Number 2024

In this article, I will show you simple methods to deposit money into your Sportpesa account using the Sportpesa Paybill number 955100. You can use your Mpesa account or even your Airtel money account to deposit cash into your Sportpesa betting account. Please note that Mpesa and Airtel money transaction costs still apply to these methods, so keep them in mind when depositing money into your account.

I will show you three easy methods, and you can choose the one that might work best for you. Here’s a little tip: Method number three is my all-time favourite because it is the easiest. After using the methods below, you will see that your dashboard’s account balance is successfully updated.

How To Deposit money into Sportpesa Account – Sportpesa Paybill Number

Before betting on an event via your Sportpesa account, you must first credit your account using the Sportpesa Paybill number. This can be done through Airtel Money, Mpesa, or through SportPesa’s automatic deposit method;

Sportpesa Paybill Number for Mpesa Users

For Mpesa users, you can use the Sportpesa Paybill number to deposit money into your betting account. To do this,

  1. Open your phone Sim Tool Kit, and choose Mpesa.
  2. Select Lipa and Mpesa, which is usually the 5th
  3. When requested for your Paybill number, enter 955100 as the Paybill number.
  4. Enter the number of your account, which is the number you used to register for Sportpesa as the account number.
  5. Enter the amount you would like to send to your Sportpesa account.
  6. Enter your Secrete Mpesa Pin to complete the transaction.
  7. You will receive a notification from Mpesa showing that the amount has been successfully sent to Mpesa.
  8. Sportpesa will also notify you that you have deposited money into your account.

Bonus Tip: Sportpesa has 2 Paybill numbers for Mpesa users: 955100 or 5212121. You can use either Paybill numbers in the method above.

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Sportpesa Paybill Number for Airtel Money

To deposit money into your Sportpesa account using Airtel’s Airtel money, follow the following very simple steps;

  1. Open your Airtel Money Menu. Usually located on your Sim Tool Kit(STK)
  2. Click on the Make Payments options
  3. Select the Paybill option, then other.
  4. You will be requested to enter the Paybill number. Enter 955100, or SPORTPESA, as the Paybill number.
  5. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit into your Sportpesa account.
  6. Enter your Airtel Money Secrete PIN
  7. Next, you will be requested the Reference and Sportpesa account numbers. Enter the phone number you used to open your Sportpesa account here.
  8. When you are done, you will receive a confirmation message from Airtel Money and Sportpesa to confirm the transaction was successful.

Wait, There is an easier method to deposit cash into a Sportpesa account

This is the easiest method to deposit Kenya shillings into your Sportpesa account. Log in to your Sportpesa account by entering your account number and password. On your Sportpesa dashboard, click on deposit. Enter the amount you want to deposit on the “Amount to deposit” input box, then click deposit.

You will receive a USSD prompt from your Service provider (Airtel Money or Mpesa) requesting you to input your Mpesa or Airtel money PIN to authorize the transaction. Input your PIN to deposit cash into your Sportpesa account successfully.


I hope the methods I have tried to simplify for you will help you deposit cash into your Sportpesa account without hassle. If you have any enquiries, feel free to comment below the post, and I will try my best to help you out or direct you to where you can get help.

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