How To Be A Bolt Driver In Kenya 2023

In this article, I will show you how you can sign up to be a bolt driverBolt Kenya is one of the most famous Cab service providers in Kenya. It has thousands of clients who order cabs every day and use them to manoeuvre from one place to the other. With no jobs in Kenya, you can take advantage of this by being one of the Bolt Kenya drivers who use their cars to provide ride-hailing services to those who need them.

To do this, you must meet the requirements set by Bolt Kenya for their drivers. These requirements and how to register to be a Bolt Kenya driver are what I will be guiding you through in this article today.

Meet the Requirements: Bolt Driver Requirements in Kenya.

how to be a bolt driver in Kenya

This is the first step for applying as a Bolt Kenya driver. You have to check if you have met the requirements set by Bolt Kenya to be one of their cab drivers. These requirements include:

  1. Being 21 years and above. Applicants below this age limit will not be accepted into this Bolt partnership program.
  2. You must have a smartphone and stable internet access. This is because Bolt customers order a Bolt cab via Bolt’s Android or IOS application. You also receive notifications when a passage wants a ride. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use products like M-Kopa to get a phone and pay on higher purchase terms.
  3. You must have a clean criminal record. As you all know, this is one of the most important requirements in any job application in Kenya. Most jobs will require a Certificate of Good Conduct for this which is applied via the eCitizen portal.
  4. As you are applying to be a Bolt driver, you must know how to drive a car and have a valid driving license to prove this. A driving license can be obtained from the NTSA portal and the application process is pretty simple.
  5. Bolt does not provide a vehicle, and therefore, you should have a vehicle which should meet Bolt Standard requirements.

How To Sign Up To Be a Bolt Driver in Kenya.

The signup process for the Bolt rider program is simple, use the steps I have provided below to sign up for the partnership program and make money as a Bolt driver;

  1. Visit the Bolt Kenya website by clicking here, scrolling down a bit and clicking on the “Sign Up to drive” button. You can always just sign in if you already have an account.
  2. On the Bolt Kenya Driver signup page, enter the required information, such as your active email address, your phone number, and the city you live and want to work in as a driver.
  3. Click on the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions, and click next to proceed.
  4. On the next page, you will be required to enter your personal information and vehicle details. Personal details include your name, and referral code(if referred by someone). In the vehicle details, enter the required details and click proceed.
  5. In the next section, which is the “Legal and Pricing Section”, enter your ID number and Driver’s license number.
  6. In the net section, we have to upload your documents. These include; Your ID card(Front Side details), A profile picture of you, Your driver’s license(non-PSV), and a clear copy of your most recent Police clearance certificate. Read my article on how to apply for a Police clearance certificate.
  7. On the final tab, we will now add our payment details. After finishing, click next.
  8. DOne, your application will now be under review and they will contact you when it is done. Feel free to watch the tutorial on how to use the Bolt Driver app.

After they have successfully verified your details, you will receive a communication with further instructions on how to complete the registration process. You can now start earning money using Bolt Kenya.

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