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Top 20 Saccos In Kenya You Should Definitely Check Out

If you are interested to know about the choices of Saccos in Kenya that you can choose from, you are at the right place. In this article, I will be taking you through a list of the top 20 SACCOs in Kenya, their brief history, locations and some other details about the Kenyan SACCOs.

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What You Should Know About Saccos in Kenya

What Is A Sacco

For those who have no idea what a Sacco is, it is an organization that provides its members with a platform where they can save money and even borrow. This is a simple explanation, if you have a more accurate definition, please comment in the comments section, and I will update it to the article as soon as possible.

Is a Sacco the same as a bank?

You might be tempted to think that saccos in Kenya are the same as banks, but this is not the case, here are some of the differentiating factors between Saccos and banks;

  • Banks are businesses, and therefore focus on making profits, this is not the same case in Saccos in Kenya.
  • In Saccos, each member has an equal share of the Saccos share, in banks, this will depend on the number of shares you have managed to procure.
  • Both Saccos and banks have a board of directors who manages the activities. The difference is that those in saccos are mostly volunteering and are not on a payroll, unlike banks.
  • Every member takes part in electing the board of directors while in banks, the shareholders are the ones who come up with the board of directors.
  • In Saccos, one can not purchase more than 25% of shares of the Sacco. In banks, the amount of money you have is your limit, you can buy as many shares as possible.

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Benefits of Being In A Sacco

Being part of a Sacco is very beneficial because of the following reasons;

  1. You will be able to take soft loans or even long-term loans, which could be helpful in terms of starting a business or even growing your already established business.
  2. In a Sacco, you will be assured of a return of your hard-earned money. This is because profits earned every year are equally divided between members of the Sacco.
  3. Loans gained from Saccos in Kenya have a lower interest rate as compared to those provided by banks.
  4. Saccos in Kenya are registered with the Government Of Kenya, and therefore you are protected, as well as your money.
  5. Saccos will help you cultivate a good saving culture because the shares you buy can always be converted back to cash, which can still help you in needy situations.
  6. Saccos help you grow in various ways. For example, some Saccos in Kenya look for land and enable their members to purchase them, therefore ensuring the growth of their members.

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Tops 20 Saccos In Kenya

Waumini Sacco

Boasting of having over 33,000 members, Waumini Sacco has grown to be one of the most popular Saccos in Kenya. Waumini Sacco was launched in 1980 by the Catholic Diosis of Kenya. This does not mean that the Sacco is only for the Catholic faithful.

Waumini Sacco - Among Best Saccos in Kenya

The general public can also join and benefit from services and products. If you are asking for proof that the Sacco is genuine and trustworthy, I can tell you that from my extensive research, I have verified that Waumini Sacco is legally registered under the Co-operative Societies Act which is under the Laws of Kenya.

Waumini also has Banking services which are available for their members, and has four branches, namely;

  1. Westlands Branch
  2. Applewood Adams HQ
  3. Nakuru Branch
  4. Kisii Branch

Other Products and Services provided by Waumini Sacco include the following;

  • Bosa Loans
  • Bosa Savings
  • Fosa Loans
  • Fosa Savings
  • Individual membership
  • Cooperative membership

To check out more about how to join Waumini Sacco, read my simplified and well-researched article below

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Stima Sacco

Stima Sacco is the next big thing. Initially, in 1974, it was launched only to serve the employees of Kenya Power and Lighting Company, before they, later on, opened their doors to the general public. Right now it is also popularly known as Stima DT Sacco, Where DT stands for Deposit Taking.

This Kenyan Sacco is really fast growing and is a licensed Deposit Taking Sacco(DTS), owning assets worth about 64 billion, and deposits worth about 34 billion Kenyan Shillings and more than 134,000 registered and active members(reference).

Apart from its impressive track record, the following also make it a one-of-a-kind Sacco amongst all Saccos in Kenya;

  • It made history by becoming the first in Kenya to have its own ATM service for its members.
  • It has made efforts to make products and services that are compatible with Shariah’s product line.
  • It also made history by being the first Sacco in Kenya to launch its own mobile application to make its services more effective and efficient.
  • It is legally registered by Sasra as a deposit-taking Sacco in Kenya.

If you are interested in Stima Sacco, read this simple guide on how to join and how it can benefit you;

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Safaricom Sacco

As you guessed, Safaricom Sacco is indeed a product of Safaricom LTD and has a fan base of over 13,000 customers. The Sacco tries its best to abide by its Motto, which is Empowering you. It is legally registered under Sacco Society Regulatory Authority(SASRA).

Safaricom Sacco was registered in 2001 where its main aim was to improve its members’ economic status by giving them access to loans, and a saving platform. They also have an app for both android and apple users making their services safer and more efficient.

Some of their products and services include Fosa Products, Bosa products and virtual Sacco services.

You could benefit from buying shares from Safaricom Sacco. These shares will allow you to gain profits from dividends which are shared every year in February. The other benefit is that you have access to loans which have a small monthly interest of about 1% when you return the money.

To know more about it, visit their website by clicking here. To know about how to register for Safaricom Sacco, read my well-detailed and simple article below;

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Sheria Sacco

Amref Sacco

Police Sacco

United Women Sacco

Mhasibu Sacco Society

Gusii Mwalimu Sacco

Ekeza Sacco

Harambee Sacco

Mwalimu Sacco

Unaitas Sacco

Kenya Bankers Sacco Society Limited

National DT Sacco Society Limited

Egerton Sacco Society Limited

Ardhi Sacco Society Limited

2NK Sacco Society Limited

Boresha Sacco Society Limited

Tower Sacco Limited





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