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How To Send Please Call Me On Vodacom 2024

If you are a Vodacom user in South Africa and you get disconnected on a call, don’t worry. In this article, I will show you how you can send please call me on Vodacom. This will enable you to request the person you want to talk with to call you. Unlike Safaricom in Kenya, where you have five please call me requests in a single day, Vodacom users can send up to 10 please call me requests in a day.

How To Send Please Call Me On Vodacom

This only requires an easy-to-use USSD code that you dial and your phone number. This code will begin with a * and end with a #. You can send, please call me on your Vodacom line using the following simple procedure;

  • Open your phone’s dialer application
  • Dial *140*number#, which is the recipient’s Vodacom phone number.
  • Then, finally, dial this code.
  • Done
  • The recipient will receive a message from Vodacom telling them that you request them to call you back. They can then choose to either call you or not.

While this is a really good product from Vodacom, some disadvantages limit this product from working well, like the following;

  1. The recipient might not have Credit to call you back, so the conversation might not be able to continue.
  2. The request is only sent via text, and therefore if the phone is silent, your recipient might not be able to see the notification. Therefore, this might not work in emergencies.
  3. If the recipient had not saved your number, they might not be willing to call you back.

I hope the guide above will be able to help you send please call me on Vodacom. In case of any queries, feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to help you out. You can also send your queries about the service to Vodacom customer care through their email at [email protected]

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