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12 Of The Best Oraimo Earbuds Should Consider Buying And Their Price In Kenya 2024.

Oraimo is well known for its quality products, including its Oraimo earbuds; in this article, I will be taking you through a list of 12 Oraimo earbuds you should consider buying and their price in Kenya. They say music is like food to the soul, and I know we all love music, whatever genre you listen to. Earbuds were designed to make this experience even more satisfying.

Instead of getting bulky headphones or earphones with wires that tend to get damaged faster, it’s better to have earbuds with you which are light enough to carry around, just like Oraimo earbuds.  To guide you through getting a genuine Oraimo Earbud for yourself, let me take you through some Oraimo earbuds you can choose from, starting from the most expensive Oraimo earbud you can to the cheapest;

Oraimo Earbuds and Their Price In Kenya

Oraimo OpenPods IPX5 4-mic Noise Reduction


oraimo FreePods Pro

oraimo FreePods Pro among the best oraimo earbuds in Kenya

Oraimo Freepods Pro Earbuds
Feature Description
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth V.5.0
Connectivity Range Up to 10m
Charge Port type Type C
Playback time without a case 9 Hours
Playback time with case Additional 30 more hours
Price Kes 8,800/= Buy Now

Other features these earbuds from Oraimo have included the following;

  • In-ear detection.
  • Google Fast pairing feature.
  • Bluetooth v5.2 low latency gaming mode.

oraimo FreePods 4

oraimo FreePods 4 earbuds

With the Oraimo FreePods 4, you can control what your FreePod 4 does because it comes with the Oraimo Sound app. With this app, you will be able to customize your listening experience. It also has ANC(Active Noise Cancellation), which can be turned on and off. With ANC turned on, the Oraimo FreePods 4 offers you 7 hours without the case and an additional 22 hours when you have the case with you.

You can get 8.5 + 27 hours of power if you prefer to turn the ANC off. You can also connect your Freepods 4 with your device very fast using the Google Fast Pairing feature, which is for Android 6+ smartphones supporting Google Play Services.

As an added bonus, don’t worry when you misplace your Oraimo Freepods4 because thanks to the Find My Device android feature, you will be able to locate your Freepods when you need them, as long as you have Android 6 and above, with your device supporting Google Play Services. Other features include;

  1. Anti-Bacteria Eartips protect your ears from bacterial infections.
  2. Google Pop-up notifications.
  3. Gaming mode

oraimo FreePods 3

The Oraimo Freepods 3 differs from its bigger brother, the Oraimo Freepods 4, in that it does not have anti-bacterial ear tips, it has no ANC, it does not have an Oraimo app, and it has no Find Your Earbuds feature. Not forgetting that it is cheaper than its counterpart. Other features of the Oraimo Freepods 3 include;

  • A battery life of up to 8 hours with no case and an additional 28 hours with the case.
  • IPX5 rating for its waterproof and sweatproof capabilities.
  • A touch sensor to let you control what your Freepods 3 do.
  • Improved ear comfort with the three silicon tips of different sizes.

You can check it out, plus its costs in Kenya here

oraimo Rhyme.

The Oraimo Rhyme Wireless Earbuds can give you up to 6.5 hours on a single charge and 13.5 hours when you have the case around. It also offers the following specs and features;

  1. A 10 metres range of connectivity.
  2. A type C charge input.
  3. Active noise cancellation feature.
  4. Excellent base and sound.

You can get the Oraimo Rhyme Wireless Earbuds from  Oraimo at a price of Kes. 3,900/= in Kenya, with free delivery.

oraimo FreePods 3C

oraimo FreePods 3C - Oraimo Earbuds and price in Kenya

Cool features like Google Fast pairing, In-ear detection, where the Oraimo Freepods 3c sensors sense when they are being used, and the heavy bass dual equalizer make these FreePods among the best of Oraimo earbuds. They also come with the following features;

  1. Havybass to normal mode, which can be adjusted when you want.
  2. Fingerprint sensors.
  3. Oraimos Pro hybrid noise cancellation technology
  4. Between 9 – 13 hours of playtime without the case.

Price of Oraimo FreePods 3c in Kenya – Kes. 8,800/=

 oraimo SportBuds

oraimo AirBuds 3 Powerful Bass IPX7

Oraimo claims that this Oraimo Airbuds 3 have an IPX7 rating, meaning the Airbuds can survive in up to 1 metre of water. How cool is that! meaning when you buy these Airbuds, sweat or even rain should not scare you.

These Airbuds can produce very good vocal sounds at high and low pitches while delivering powerful bass thanks to their “Premium composite diaphragm”. Other features of the Oraimo Airbuds 3 include the following;

  1. Guaranteed 20-hour interruption-free playtime before needing to charge it again.
  2. A gaming mode that helps you play games lag-free on Bluetooth devices.
  3. Noise reduction for making calls in noisy environments stress-free.

These Oraimo Airbuds 3 can be bought from the Oraimo Official store at a price of Kes. 3,300/=

oraimo Riff Smaller For Comfort True Wireless Earbuds

oraimo AirBuds 2 Stereo Bass True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

oraimo Roll Dynamic Sound Noise-reducing Microphones True Wireless

Oraimo Roll Dynamic Earbuds
Feature Description
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth V.5.0
Connectivity Range Up to 10m
Charge Port type Type C
Playback time without a case 4Hours
Playback time with case Additional 12 more hours
Price Kes 2,600

Oraimo Rock stereo Bass Super Long Playtime IPX5 Waterproof True


This IPX5 Oraimo Airpod’s touch feature allows you to control what your Oraimo Airpod does just by touching your finger. This includes pausing/playing an audio track, Answering and ending a call, and rejecting a call, among other functions. Its shape is perfectly designed to fit into the contour of your ears so that they feel comfortable enough. It has an advanced noise counselling mic to make clear calls even in a noisy environment.

If you sweat a lot, don’t worry. These Oraimo Airpods are water resistant, and to make it better, they can last up to 8 hours on a single charge and 24 hours when you have its charging case with you.

Oraimo Rock Stero Airpods IPX5 Price in Kenya

For a limited number of days, these Oraimo Airpods are on offer when you get them from the Oraimo Kenya store. You can get them for Kes. 1,900/=, which is a big discount considering the original price of the IPX5 Openpods in Kenya is Kes. 3,600/=. For more information about these Oraimo OpenPods, visit the oraimo Ke Official website now.


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