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How To Check KCSE Results 2023(2 Simple Methods)

With the announcement of the 2022 KCSE results today, I know all of you are wondering how to check KSCE results today. In this article, I will show you two simple methods that can help you check for your Daughter’s or Son’s KCSE results without a hustle. These two methods will include:

  • Checking KCSE results via text
  • Checking KCSE results via the KNEC portal.

For each method, don’t be alarmed if the results take longer to display, because a lot of people out there are also trying to know how their children performed in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations that were completed in late December. This is the long-awaited day for all the candidates in the 2022 KCSE because they will know the way forward, and which universities and colleges they can join to achieve their professional goals n the future to come.

how to check KCSE results in 2023

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To know your KCSE results, follow the methods below;

Checking KCSE results via text

To receive your exam results via message, first of all, make sure that you have recharged your line with at least Ksh. 50 because the process is not free. Typically, the charges are usually between Ksh. 25 -50.

  • Open your phone’s message application.
  • Create a new conversation.
  • On the message input field, enter your 11-digit index number followed by KCSE, for example, 34221344345KCSE(This is randomly made up, don’t use it).
  • Send it to 20076.
  • Done, now wait for the message from KNEC(Kenya National Examination Council) with your KCSE results.

The time taken to receive your KCSE results via SMS depends on KNEC and the backload on their systems. For some people, the time might be 2 hours, while for some it might even go for close to 24 hours.

You can always send another message if you feel it is taking too long, or send the SMS using another number to see if you get your KCSE results much faster. Patience is key here.

Checking KCSE results via the KNEC portal

This method does not charge you anything. You only need a smartphone or laptop, a stable internet connection and the index number. To check the Secondary school exam results:

  • Open your browser and access the KNEC website. You can google it, or click here.
  • Click on the portal link to access the KNEC portal.
  • Enter the student’s 11-digit index number and click on “submit” to proceed.
  • The student’s results will be displayed on the screen. If it displays an error, try it after some time.

Bonus Way of Knowing Your Exam Results

If you are really eager of knowing your KCSE result, the two methods I have shown you above, are the best bet. The other way you can do it is by visiting the school you or the student studied at, and getting the exam results along with your result slips. The problem with this is that on the announcement day, the only results available are the school’s overall performance. The individual results come after a week or less.

Therefore the best method is to either use the SMS method or the KNEC portal. I will recommend doing it via SMS because it is the most reliable of both.

In case you encounter any problems, feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to help you. You can also contact KNEC via email and they will help you out.

KNEC customer care contacts

KNEC email address: [email protected]

KNEC mobile number:

+254 020 3317412

+254 720 741 001

+254 732 333 860

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